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Coordinate: an augmented reality spreadsheet-programmable application for visualization of location-based data - IEEE AIVR 2019 More info...

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ASU uses augmented reality to hold fall graduation (CBS 5/3TV) More info...XR@ASU creates new immersive learning experience (ASU Now) More info...ASU team to create augmented reality memorial to child victims (ASU Now) More info...

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Infrared: live performance in multiplayer virtual reality theatre. coming soonMonumentum: memorializing child victims of gun violence with augmented reality. More info...Earth Operations Center: a networked virtual control center for climate storytelling and data presentation. coming soon

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Commencement: an augmented reality commencement ceremony for ASU Fall 2020 graduates. More info...ARtifacts: an augmented reality curation framework built to enhance user experiences in museums and galleries. More info...GLEAM: an illumination estimation framework for real-time photorealistic augmented reality on mobile devices. More info...


Coordinate: an augmented reality spreadsheet-programmable application for visualization of location-based data. [IEEE AIVR 2019] Paper, Project

Abstract: Augmented reality devices are opening up a new design space for immersive visualizations. 3D spatial content can be overlaid onto existing physical visualizations for new insights into the data. We present Coordinate, a collaborative analysis tool for augmented reality visualizations of map-based data designed for mobile devices. Coordinate leverages a spreadsheet-programmable web interface paired with a contemporary augmented reality infrastructure for an easy-to-use tool that can provide spatial information to multiple users. It also offers an immersive visualization experience that seeks to enrich presentations for business, educational, and scientific discussions.


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Aashiq Shaikh
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phd student in AME@ASU.
researcher at Meteor Studio.

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"...and some sources say [Aashiq] crumbles to powder at the touch, reforming moments later in a dusty wind. Others anxiously recall that the hazy afternoon sunlight chromatically fragments at intervals of six-tenths of a second to suggest a human-like silhouette drifting westward. And that perhaps Aashiq's existence is as transient as a humid summer dream..."¹

"Much of Aashiq's early life is shrouded in mystery and the subject of intense discussion among scholars. Evidence suggests that he enrolled in Arizona State University in 2016 CE, where he graduated with a bachelor's in Computer Science. He currently works as a PhD researcher at Meteor Studio, researching various wicked things such as AR experience design and low level graphics optimizations. Our investigation has concluded that Aashiq one day hopes to break free; from what, is yet to be revealed."²

1. Unknown Author, False Apperceptions and Collective Hallucinations, 2020
2. Unknown Author, The Last True Sorcerers of America, 2021

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